Just"us" For All Movement 

Responsability. Accountability.

Welcome to the Just"us" For All Movement!

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Over the past twenty years, our country has seen many changes. Changes in quality of rights as well as changes in gender rights. The display of moral superiority has effeted political change. The rise of the "MeToo" movement has created a worldwing of sexual assault trials with backdated accusation, which has affected several notable figures.


This change has brought justice for many women who have spent years suppressing the abusive power bys some male authority figures. Make no mistake, both Brown Ribbon and Innocent Heroes fully support victums of the MeToo movement and will never waiver in that support. 


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Sexual assault convictions continue to climb as more victums serface. The demand for moral equality has set a presidence that those who accuse are truthful. The rule of evidence has been in some cases minimized to ensure that the accusation is no overlooked. However, this oversight has evolved into a crises which no one expected. 


Make no mistake about it, the MeEither movement fully supports victums of sex crimes! We exist in order to balance a system put in place by our goverment. MeEither focuses on prevention and education in order to ensure Responsability and accountability for all, thereby ensuring equality. 

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The initial reaction to tho this crises by our government was spontanious.  Laws were written for purpose, yet not all are clear. During the time these laws were written there was a political need for aaction. However, all things must evolve. Education must be at the forfront and definitions must be spelled out and lines drawn.

The defition of sexual assault or charges such as must be clearly defined. In addition, both men and women should be thououghly educated on these laws and prevention should be at the forfront. How to respond to a mate, when is it ok to touch, etc. We must assist our population with a unified understanining in order to minimisze the crises as well as false accusations.

Our Mission, Our Goals...

MeEither Mission &Goals



Together we will beging the movement that will ensure accountability for all. We must educated makes and femailes of all ages on safty procedures as well as the dangers of certain situations. We must ensure that those accused are judge on evidence instead of accusation. 



We must rally for this cause speaking in a loud, peocfull, yet powerful voice.  



We must further our movement for education and focus on prevention. 

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We need you...

We need you!

Those Effected!


For those effected by unfonded, bogus accusation, MeEither is here for you! We must recrut within our sphere of infuence. 

Those Who Sympathize!


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Thise Who believe!


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"Liberty is the combination of equaity and change. Only thoes willing to allow change are truly free."


---Lavance E. Payne

“If you seek truth and justice, you will find them in abundance. If you seek guilt, you will find that in abundance as well.  


The true key to finding euality for all is finding a way for all to seek it."


Lavance E. Payne

Founder/CEO - Brown Ribbon, Inc