Who we are, what we do, how we work...

About us...

Who are we?


We are a network of professionals, interested in making the future a better one. We come from all walks of life to support those in need. We support campaigns, foundations and movements that we believe have a solid message and a righious cause. We are you!

What we do?


Brown Ribbon has built a network of counselors, legal teams, financiers and so much more. Campaigns that we support have access to the vast reach of these resourses. Brown Ribbon uses it's influence to assist the campaigns in acheiving a peaceful objective.

How we work?


While Borwn Ribbon has no direct action with the campains, our sponsoship means that we believe in the campaigns, movement, or cause. We support the campaingn we provide resources fundraising, marketing other resources to assist and grow the campaign. 

Our Beliefs, our Mission, our Goals...

We support campaigns, foundations & movements that matter!

Our Beliefs?


Unity! Brown Ribbon believes in unity! A large, agressive, well organized voice is the key to meeting the objectives of our campaigns. We value the commitment of our supporters and volunteers who make Brown Ribbon possible, and we work to ensure a better future for thoes we need us. 

Our Mission?


Take a stand! Our mission is to stand and fight for those who can not fight for themselves. Brown Ribbon focuses on campaigns for change that will better the lives of those who intrust us. We will continue to fight when others will not.  

Our goals?


Equality! Our goal is to ensure equality for those who have been dismissed and/or forgotten. The world is full of people who have been left behind for one reason or another. Brown Ribbon supports the campaigns that fight for you, your loved ones and all who requires our support. 

Our Support...

We show care when others wont!

Who we support?


We support you! Bring your campaign or movement to Brown Ribbon and let us work with you to make your mission successful. With the Support of Hotzonne, the worlds newest networking platform, and your dedication and commitment, nothing is impossible.  Brown Ribbon support what matters to you!

Why we support?


It is our purpose and our duty to fight for what is right. The Brown Ribbon Network and its' loud, peaceful voice will always be heard. We are commited to the success of charitable campaigns and have built our business model on ensuring their success. Become a member of the Brown Ribbon Network on Hotzonne.

What we provide?


Sustainability is key with any charity. Borwn Ribbon with the support of our network, donors and our sponsors will provide fundraising and marketing for campaigns that we adopt. We become a part of each campaign and we are commited to continuous support of each. Brown Ribbon is here to stay. 

We support those in need of our services.

  1. Innocent Heroes Movement
  2. Accused Heroes Support 
  3. Confinued Heroes Campaign
  4. Coming soon!
  5. Coming soon!

Our Team...

Our management team comes with an assortment of experience. Experts in Business Management, Finance and Publick Relations. Our teem works tirelessly to ensure the best for those we support. 

"Liberty is the combination of equaity and change. Only thoes willing to allow change truly support freedome."

---Lavance E. Payne

“If you seek truth and justice, you will find them in abundance. If you seek malace and guilt, you will find that in abundance as well.  

The true key to finding equality for all is finding a way for all to seek it."

Lavance E. Payne

Founder/CEO - Brown Ribbon, Inc.