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About Brown Ribbon

Who are we?


We are an empowering network of concerned citizens driven by the shared goal of shaping a brighter future. From diverse backgrounds, we join forces to fight against injustice. Our network encompasses counselors, legal experts, financiers, supporters, organizers, and countless other dedicated souls. We are the catalyst for change — a resounding voice and an invaluable resource for those we wholeheartedly serve.

Our Purpose?


Brown Ribbon is the driving force behind the organization and support of our sponsored campaigns and movements. We fuel the relentless drive, compassion, and fight for justice. Our support knows no boundaries. Whether it's financial backing, fundraising expertise, strategic marketing, or other vital resources, we provide the necessary tools to nurture and propel every sponsored campaign forward. 


We leverage our influence to guide campaigns and movements toward peaceful objectives. We stand firmly alongside those who seek justice, combating injustice within military and civilian legal systems. Furthermore, we support individuals affected by unfair legal practices, guiding them through the process and helping them rebuild their lives. When you stand with Brown Ribbon, you stand as a powerful advocate for change.

Our Guiding Principles?


At Brown Ribbon, we understand the critical elements required for transformative change: unity and a resounding voice. Too often, worthy campaigns wither away due to a lack of strength and consistency. We firmly believe that true change can only be realized through consolidation, organization, unwavering determination, and a robust membership capable of swaying elections. In this understanding, we find the power to create lasting change.

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    Our Beliefs...

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    Our Mission...

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    Our Goals...

We support campaigns & foundations for Systimatic Change!

Our Beliefs


We at Brown Ribbon truly believe in the strength of unity. We are aware that every campaign needs a strong, organized voice that is loud and impactful. Because of this, we highly respect the relentless dedication of our sponsors and volunteers. They are what motivate us to move forward in our efforts to create a better future.

Our Mission


Our mission is crystal clear: to take a stand! We are warriors for those who cannot fight for themselves, defenders of justice, and champions of change. Brown Ribbon focuses on campaigns that have the potential to transform the lives of Americans and those who depend on us. Our fight is a lengthy one, and our weapon is endurance. While others may falter, we persevere, steadfast in our commitment to make a lasting difference.  

Our goals


We strive to dismantle the barriers that have minimized, dismissed, and forgotten countless individuals. Our relentless dedication to justice keeps us seeking out those left behind; their voices drowned in the currents of adversity. Brown Ribbon stands as a pillar of support, embracing campaigns that fight for the rights of you, your loved ones, and all who seek our unwavering dedication. Let us stand shoulder to shoulder in this remarkable journey towards an equal and just world.

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    Our Support!

We show care when others wont!

Who we support?


Good question. We're all about supporting YOU. Got a campaign or movement that needs some help? Join forces with us at Brown Ribbon, and let's position your campaigns for success. Combining Hotzonne - the cutting-edge networking platform - and your dedication to the mission, no challenge is impossible. Brown Ribbon stands with you, amplifying what truly matters!

Why we support?


At Brown Ribbon, we want to make sure our message of peace and equality spreads across borders. We are committed to guaranteeing the success of charitable initiatives. Join us on our global journey by connecting and supporting Brown Ribbon through our vibrant social media presence.

What we provide?


Sustainability lies at the heart of every thriving charity. Through our vast network, compassionate donors, and valued sponsors, Brown Ribbon offers comprehensive fundraising and cutting-edge marketing for the campaigns we adopt. We become an integral part of each movement, providing steadfast commitment every step of the way. Brown Ribbon is not just a passing flame; we are here for the long haul, with an enduring commitment to making a lasting impact.

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    Our Campaigns...

We support those in need.

  • Innocent Heroes Movement
  • Accused Heroes Support 
  • Confinued Heroes Campaign
  • Just'us' for all Initiative

"When there is a bias or a lack of fainess in the justice system, it is a concern for everyone, not just those immediately affected."


---Andrew Cuomo

"If you seek truth and justice, you will find them in abundance. If you seek malice and guilt, you will find that in abundance as well.  


The actual key to finding equality for all is finding a way for all to seek it."

---Lavance E. Payne


"Liberty is a combination of equality and change. Only those willing to support change truly support freedom."


---Lavance E. Payne