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Rhode Island Criminal Injustice (Past & Present)

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The untold stories of Rhode Island residents unfairly accused, convicted, and confined within the Rhode Island Justice System, with minimal evidence. Some are forced into plea deals and portrayed as criminals. These are citizens who have been failed by a system that is supposed to protect them.  

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You can now your Rhode Island injustice story In the below input section. Chose your photo, Enter the Citizen's First Name, enter the Citzen's Last Name and tell their Story. Once the Admin has approved your post, it will join the deck. Use the Seach Name box to locate a specific story.

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Take a stand against Rhode Island injustice by becoming a member of the Just'us' for all movement to support those unjustly convicted in the state of Rhode Island! Support those accused of and convicted of crimes by joining the Rhode Island Accused & Confined support group today! 

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Criminal Injustcice (RICI) Team

Connect with those who represent your state. If you have questions, need assistance or want to support, RICI representatives are here to assist. 


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