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Brown Ribbon United


The time for action is now! Brown Ribbon United focuses on gathering and providing a strong, sustanable voice to push for polical change of unfair tactics and practices used by the United States Legal system, to discredit and convict. The expansion of rights for the accused is the only way to prevent thosed charged with upholding the law from manipulate the system for personal gain.


Brown Ribbon United believes that all are innocent until proven guilty. Therefore; slander and unfair conviction tactics should not be require to expose the truth. 

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Innocent Heroes


The Innocent Heroes Movement is a three-prong, Brown Ribbon Sponsored movement. IHM focuses on providing support to those unjustly convicted by any military branch, past and present. The movement also supports those accused of crimes and provides support during the accusation process. Additionally, IHM pushes programs to ensure fair treatment for those confined.


The most valuable asset that IHM provides is the push for systematic change. We speak for those wrongfully accused, silenced, and can not speak for themselves—the Criminal class.

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Just'us' For All

Just'us' For All is a movement committed to shedding light on a justice system that has created an entirely new class of people within our country. It focuses on ensuring the support for those wrongfully accused and convicted while educating those who may not understand the true nature of what some call 'Justice'! The Just'us' for all movement is boundless and determined.

Just'us' For All is commited to a peaceful fight for systematic change, ensuring that we speak for those who can nots speak for themselves, those without a voice, those who we call the Criminal class.

We are ready to stand with you!

Unity + Sustainability = Change

Formula for 

Systematic Change!



Together we will begin movements for systematc change, in our never ending attempt to promote quality on all spectrums. Banning together in order to speak out, educate and recurit. Together, we must take a stand, this is the only way that we stand a chance. 



We must be willing to go the distance for our cause. This means sustaining what we start and seeing it through to its resolution. We will not become intimidated or fearful; we must continue our fight for equality and remain firm in our efforts to achieve it. 



Systematic Change is the goal and we have an unwavering commitment to achieve it! We aim to minimize criminal accusations by providing public education. Learning the dangers of specific laws can be a great asset to prevention.

Join Us...

Support campaigns for systematic change!

  1. Become a Donor
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  3. Become a support group member
  4. Spread the word
  5. Volunteer
  6. Make a difference

We need you...

Every charity, campaign, and movement has three parts.

Those Effected!


Battered, yet determined. You are disappointed yet hopeful. You see the system as it genuinely lies and understands how ignorant you were to its reality for so long. You feel isolated and sometimes down. You typically become a sympathizer of those who has and will walk in your shoes.

Those Who Sympathize!


In most cases, you are formerly affected; on some occasions, you a merely a good person who hates to see wrong done to anyone. You are the glue that keeps all things together—the reminder of why we are here. Your fight and focus are always on those affected. You are relentless and mesh well with believers.

Those Who believe!


In most cases you have no personal experience, you provide unwavering support to the cause. You are the doers amongst all others! You populate the rallies, volunteer at the events, donate to the cause, and pledge commitment with no ambiguity. We salute you and your service to the cause!

"Liberty is the combination of equaity and change. Only thoes willing to allow change are truly free."


---Lavance E. Payne

“If you seek truth and justice, you will find them in abundance. If you seek guilt, you will find that in abundance as well.  

The true key to finding euality for all is finding a way for all to seek it."

Lavance E. Payne

Founder/CEO - Brown Ribbon, Inc